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Frequently asked questions about your first session
What should I bring to my first PT appointment?

Bring your driver’s license and insurance card for us to copy.  If your medical provider shares a copy of physical therapy orders, bring it with you to your appointment.  You will be asked to fill out a few short forms before your appointment starts.  You can access them by clicking on New Patient Registration.

What should I wear?

Dress comfortably.  If we are going to be examining your knee or leg, consider bringing a pair of shorts or sweat pants that can be rolled up above the knee.  Wear whatever would be comfortable for you to exercise lightly and is loose enough that it doesn't constrict your movement.  

How long will my session last?

Generally, your first therapy session will last for an hour to an hour and a half.  Allot some time to fill out paperwork upon your arrival, or you may print off these forms prior to your session by going to the New Patient Registration tab under Patients.  If you have some time constraints that we need to work with, please inform the therapist and we will do our best to work with you around your schedule.  


What will my insurance cover?

This varies greatly depending on what insurance plan you have.  We will call your insurance company to verify your insurance benefits and discuss with you the expected coverage.  It is always a good idea for you to verify your insurance coverage for physical therapy if you have concerns.  

How long will I have to do therapy?

That will depend on what we are seeing you for, and the extent of your injury or condition, as well as how long your physician has prescribed therapy.  This will be an appropriate question to ask your therapist after he or she has evaluated you.  They can then give you a more informed answer to this question.  


What should I expect?

You should expect excellent customer service.  Our receptionist will greet you and assist you with the registration process.  She will help you understand your insurance coverage for therapy to the best of her abilities and will help you schedule future sessions.  The therapist will bring you back and get a thorough understanding of the problems you are having, and how it is impacting your life.  The therapist will examine you, look at your movement and strength and will then educate you on your condition.  You should feel free to ask questions so that you get a good understanding of what is going on, how it will be treated, and what the therapist will expect you to work on to get better.  You will then begin some treatment for your condition and will be given some things to work on at home.  

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