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Functional Fitness Classes

Functional Fitness Classes coached by CrossFit Level 1 coaches.  Classes are strength and conditioning workouts performed at higher intensity, modified and scaled to each athlete.  

Class Schedule: 

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday @5:00 and 6:00 am

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday @ 5:00 pm

Saturday @8:00 am

Unlimited: $100/month

3/week: $75/month

Legends Class

Functional Fitness Class for the older individual coached by therapists or coaches.  Classes are scaled appropriate for the aging population.  

Class Schedule: 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 8:00 am



Yoga and Tai Chi

Yin Yang Yoga and Fundamentals of Tai Chi provided by Nobby Ota.  Classes are scaled and appropriate for all ages and abilities.  

Tuesdays Yoga 5:30 Tai Chi 7:00 

$60/season $7 drop-in

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